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Couples Counseling in Denver

The quality of your relationship greatly impacts your mental health. Our couples counselors are skilled at treating infidelity, communication problems, trust issues, sexual incompatibilities and more to build your connection and strengthen your relationship. 

When is it time to start couples counseling?

There is a common phrase in the field of couples counseling: "When your partner asks you to go to couples counseling, say yes the first time." Is it intimidating and overwhelming to consider that you and your partner should start attending couples counseling? Absolutely! But will you also find more joy, connection and love between you and your partner after attending counseling? Most likely. 


The initial hurdle of letting your walls down, letting your ego go and accepting that there is room for improvement for both parties is no easy task. Many couples never make this leap, choosing to accept a less than ideal relationship as their future. These relationships unfortunately may result in separation, or an unhealthy home environment for both their partner and their children. 

So, when is it time to start couples counseling services? We are admittedly biased - but we recommend couples therapy now.


What is Already Going Right? A Strength
Based Approach to Couples Counseling 

One of the common fears that prevent clients from attending couples therapy (or any counseling!) is that the therapist will focus on what you aren't doing correctly. Whether this is your explosive anger, lack of physical intimacy or whatever else you may be worried you'll be criticized for - where are here to assure you, that isn't our approach!


Why? Well, it doesn't work.

Research shows that a strength based approach to couples counseling which focuses on what the couple already has going for themselves is the most effective form of counseling. We pull from the Gottman's research to help both parties feel understood, taking a constructive approach to managing conflict and reminding the couple - you are not broken! Just in need to some new tools to improve your lives together. 

Improve Relationships + Deepen Connection

Effective communication can improve relationships by helping to build trust and deepen connections. In friendships, communication is essential for creating intimacy, vulnerability and empathy. In romantic relationships, effective communication can lead to greater emotional intimacy, and stronger relationships overall.

For many men, the social norms and gender expectations that they have grown up with can be obstacles to effective communication. Couples counseling provides a safe and non-judgmental space where men can learn to express themselves more honestly, challenge historical beliefs and build stronger, healthier relationships. By breaking down these barriers, men can enhance their communication skills, connect with their partners more deeply, and achieve greater success in all aspects of their lives.

Ready to get started?

Your first step to getting started with communication coaching is to schedule a free consultation to get matched with a therapist and see if the Men's Mental Wellness Center can help with your mental health goals. Click the link below to schedule a couples therapy consultation.

Book a Free Consultation with a Licensed Therapist 

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