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Let's Talk Communication Skills

Maybe you don't need "therapy" but think you can improve on how you communicate in your work and personal life. We have you covered with male therapists near you who can help coach you through improving your communication skills.

Do you get feedback that you come across differently than you intend?

Let's chat about this discrepancy.

Have you ever attempted to get your point across more clearly by being more obvious, loud and simple, only to find that the person you are communicating with either shuts down or responds with aggression?


Though your intentions may have been harmless, you didn't elicit the response you wanted!  

The common assumption that 90% of communication is nonverbal has been debunked. Body language, tone, posture and attitude all are taken into strong consideration by those who receive your messages.


According to Albert Mehrabian, a body language researcher, and a recent article written by the University of TX, "...nearly 40% of a person’s attitude is conveyed vocally through tone and inflection, so [it is important] that your tone matches whatever message you’re trying to convey." (1)


His research further discusses how deeper tones may make you come off as more competent, but at the same time as more authoritative - which can put you in a difficult situation when trying to maintain conversation and rapport with someone you care about.


An authoritative tone actually decreases your ability to communicate effectively, build trust and share information (2).


So, where do you go from here?


How A Therapist For Communication Issues Can Help You

Therapy is not only a way to deal with personal problems or to overcome past traumas. It can also be an effective way to improve communication skills and enhance our interpersonal relationships.

With communication therapy, you may notice anxiety decrease or joy in life increase without the additional stress of communication blunders affecting your daily mood. In therapy, you can expect concrete skills that help you express yourself better, actively listen to others, and learn to resolve conflicts constructively.

Understand the

According to another study, many men struggle with expressing their emotions despite similar levels of arousal in comparison to self report by women.


This suggests that men have learned over time to "shove emotions down" though their internal experience of emotional may be similar to female counterparts. This may decrease the frequency of communication altogether and therefore the quality of both romantic and non-romantic relationships.

Our therapists for communication issues recognize that it can be challenging for anybody to express thoughts and feelings with others, though, not just men! However, therapy that specializes in men's inner workings can help you learn how to effectively communicate in a way that leads you to the life you desire. 

Improve Relationships + Deepen Connection

Effective communication can improve relationships by helping to build trust and deepen connections. In friendships, communication is essential for creating intimacy, vulnerability and empathy. In romantic relationships, effective communication can lead to greater emotional intimacy, and stronger relationships overall.


Additionally, when it comes to work, communication skills are often what separates successful leaders from those who struggle to succeed. Learning to communicate effectively can improve work relationships and contribute to career advancement.

For many men, the social norms and gender expectations that they have grown up with can be obstacles to effective communication.


Therapy provides a safe and non-judgmental space where men can learn to express themselves more honestly, challenge historical beliefs and build stronger, healthier relationships. By breaking down these barriers, men can enhance their communication skills, connect with others more deeply, and achieve greater success in all aspects of their lives.

Neurofeedback as an Alternative to Medication for Communication Issues

Neurofeedback boosts effectiveness for communication issues in Denver, CO by helping you slow your thoughts down, regulate your emotions then choose a purposeful response.


f you are interested in better self regulation without talking through your problems - neurofeedback is for you!


Are You Ready?

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