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Support Group

Men's Group Therapy

Gain insight, develop community and be a part of a support group for Men in Denver

Men's Group Therapy

The demand for men's group therapy is high - and for good reason! The benefits to be gained from group therapy specifically focusing on men's mental health are plentiful.


The setting and warmth of a group setting is often less intimidating in comparison to one on one therapy.


Men's group therapy offers camaraderie, accountability, and varying perspectives in a setting that facilitates healthy communication skills.


For those men in Denver who believe they could benefit from self-discovery alongside other men in the community, men's group therapy is for you.

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Challenge The Stigma

We acknowledge that there is an unfortunate cultural stigma surrounding mental health, particularly for men. Many men fear being perceived as weak, flawed, or crazy if they seek therapy, which can deter them from seeking help altogether.


In a men's support group setting, men can see that they are not alone in their struggles, and that seeking therapy is a sign of strength and courage, not weakness or failure.

One of the biggest challenges for men who are struggling is the feeling of being alone and disconnected. They may have difficulty reaching out to others, expressing themselves, or forming meaningful relationships.


In a men's support group setting, men can meet others who share similar struggles and concerns, and learn from their experiences. This sense of belonging and validation can be a powerful antidote to loneliness and isolation.

Group Therapy

What to Expect

Men's group therapy sessions consist of a minimum of 4 participants and is capped at 12 men. You will have 1-2 facilitators who are staff members of the Men's Mental Wellness and are trained in group therapy in addition to holding a Master's Degree or above in Clinical Counseling. 

Participation in men's group therapy differs from individual therapy in a handful of ways. Primarily, group members are asked to hold themselves accountable and prioritize their group in order to gain the most benefits and offer consistency to the men around them as well. All participants should familiarize themselves with the requirements listed below prior to signing up for men's group therapy.

Requirements of Participants

  • Prioritize the group. Weekly attendance is mandatory. The only exception for not attending being illness or emergency.

  • Maintain confidentiality within the group. 

  • Arrive on time to session

  • Hold respect for all group members as demonstrated by utilizing communication skills your facilitator will teach.

  • Groups will not be run unless 4 participants are signed up.

  • Late cancellations/no show fees apply


Men's group therapy through the Men's Mental Wellness Center is located at Highlands Church, 1700 S Grant St Denver CO 80210. You must contact us to check for availability, sign up and complete paperwork prior to attending the men's group in Denver.

Ready to Get Started?

Click the link below to email the Group Therapy Coordinate at the Men's Mental Wellness Center and learn more about availability, pricing, the current schedule and more. 


Are You Ready?

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