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Cost of Services

Men's Mental Wellness Center

Our team of therapists hold a Master's Degree or PhD in Clinical Counseling in addition to other certifications and continued trainings in their field.

Additionally, our team is trained in neurotherapy offering a competitive edge on bringing brain based science into the therapy room. 

We are a private pay practice and do not accept insurance and legally cannot medicaid. We accept FSA/HSA cards and offer payment plans upon request. Learn more about the price of our therapy services below.

Need Financial Assistance?

We parter with a local non-profit, Fishing the Good Fight, that offers partial reimbursement and financial assistance for all sessions. If you believe you are eligible for financial assistance please mention this on your phone consultation. 

Supportive Friend

Counseling Costs


$135/session | 50 Minutes

Individual Counseling
Couple with Map

$160/session | 60 Minutes

Couples Counseling

$160/session | 60 Minutes $240/session | 90 minutes

Family Counseling
Group Therapy

$65/session | 90 Min | 8 Session Minimum Required

Men's Group Session

Neurofeedback & qEEG Brain Mapping Costs


2 part data collection and mapping session at our sister company, Connected Brain Counseling

$600 / qEEG Brain Map

Includes unlimited training time + the ability to train from home!

$700 / Month Neurofeedback Equipment Rental

If you do not have access to Windows 10 at home, you may rent a laptop from us

$100 / Month Laptop Rental
Options for In Person Neurofeedback Available

Are You Ready?

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