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Men's Mental Wellness Center of Denver

Therapy and Neurofeedback for Men


Men Need Therapy, Too.

We get it - starting therapy as a man can provoke a host of conflicting emotions. Though the stigma around accessing mental health support has generally decreased over time, it conflicts with stereotypes of masculinity which can unfortunately isolate men from seeking help. The Men's Mental Wellness Center is here to change this.We believe that vulnerability is one of the greatest indicators of strength and sometimes this means asking for support in the form of therapy. 

Our approach to men's counseling is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space that is based in ethical practice, relatability and authentic connection. Our team of master's level therapists are trained and ready to help with common themes that impact men's mental health including but not limited to: work stress, relationship issues, communication struggles and substance abuse. 

Our Services


Men's Counseling

One on one counseling session with a Master's Level Clinical Counselor


Couples Counseling

Improve communication and relationship intimacy

Neurofeedback Therapy

Rewire your brain to help with ADHD, Anger, Anxiety and more


Men's Groups in Denver

Find common ground and learn self awareness in a group setting

Not ready to talk? We have you covered.

Neurofeedback therapy is an FDA approved intervention with 80+ years of empirical evidence demonstrating effectiveness.

Neurofeedback can helps individual heal from trauma, patterns of addiction, anger issues, anxiety, depression, nervous system dysregulation and more.

This popular modality is a great option for those who aren't interested in traditional talk therapy. It is a passive form of operant conditioning that is talk-free and calming! 


About Men's Mental Wellness Center 

We were created to end the stigma around men's mental health and fill the gap with options for men in Denver. Our sister company, Connected Brain Counseling, is a Denver based practice that specializes in counseling for adult women and trauma. Since opening their doors in 2021, they saw an influx of men in need of counselors that understood some of the hard pressing mental health issues that men face today. Their team found referral options who specialize in men to be sparse.


With this, the Denver Men's Mental Wellness Center was born with the intention of offering more resources for men's mental well-being. The practice has cultivated an authentic place for men to feel heard without judgement, work on themselves without pressure and to feel secure in their masculinity while also growing in vulnerability. 

Book a Free Consultation with a Licensed Therapist 

Monday-Friday 7:30am-9pm
Weekend Sessions Available

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Men's Mental Wellness Center 4100 W 38th Ave Unit B
Denver CO 80212
Tel: (970) 450-4616

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