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Cost of Services

Men's Mental Wellness Center

Our team of therapists hold a Master's Degree or PhD in Clinical Counseling in addition to other certifications and continued trainings in their field.

Additionally, our team is trained in neurotherapy offering a competitive edge on bringing brain based science into the therapy room. 

We are a private pay practice and do not accept insurance and legally cannot medicaid. We accept FSA/HSA cards and offer payment plans upon request. Learn more about the price of our therapy services below.

Counseling Costs


Individual Counseling

$135/session | 50 Minutes


Couples Counseling

$160/session | 60 Minutes


Family Counseling

$160/session | 60 Minutes $240/session | 90 minutes


Men's Group Session

$65/session | 90 Min | 8 Session Minimum Required

Neurofeedback & qEEG Brain Mapping Costs


$600 / qEEG Brain Map

2 part data collection and mapping session at our sister company, Connected Brain Counseling


$700 / Month Neurofeedback Equipment Rental

Includes unlimited training time + the ability to train from home!


$100 / Month Laptop Rental 

If you do not have access to Windows 10 at home, you may rent a laptop from us

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