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Add Neurofeedback to Your Practice

The mental health field is evolving. Clients are more educated than ever on how to find a quality practitioner and demand evidence based practice. 

With growing interest in the brain, clinicians and clients alike may benefit from having a provider who understands their mental health goals from a neurological perspective. 

And guest's not as intimidating as it may seem to add neurofeedback into your practice. By adding neurofeedback, you will diversify your offerings, stand out as a practitioner and add an additional stream of income. 

The Clinician's Guide to Adding Neurofeedback

Offer Neurofeedback + Stand Out as a Reputable Provider

3 Month Virtual Self Paced Program

Full Neurofeedback Training Program Included

1:1 Meetings with A Board Certified Neurofeedback Clinician

Contracts, Paperwork and Legality of Neurofeedback Included

High ROI on Program Fee

Learn Neuroscience

Image by Mindfield Biosystems


Check out our sister program, The Clinician's Guide to Adding Neurofeedback, through the link below

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